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Speak Through AI

The Future of Information Delivery Is Here

Speak Through AI offers an innovative way to transfer knowledge and information like never before. Our AI-powered technology optimizes the spoken word to ensure maximum comprehension and engagement from the listener. With Speak Through AI, you can reach a wide range of audiences with ease and clarity.


We’re Here to Revolutionize the Art of Information Transfer

The AI tools used to create the Ted Talk style script are cutting-edge technology from Idea Incubator. This service assists with machine-aided ideation, including critical Q&A, market research, and 3D model creation. It can help turn your ideas into a fully-realized vision with visualization tools that will help you see it come to life. Once you have your idea validated and polished, Speak Through AI will help you deliver it in the form of a polished, professional Ted Talk style presentation. Our expert AI team will help you with supporting slides and props, set dressings, lighting, production design, sound design, blocking, wardrobe, and directing to ensure your message is conveyed with maximum impact. The listener will then have options to tailor the presentation to match their language, dialect, pace, and other features to ensure optimum engagement.


Fully Autonomous, Uncompromisingly Simple

Speech Delivery

WHY Speak Through AI

A Different Approach, Using a New Method of Communication

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